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A Cabin Air Filter is an air purification filter, designed to remove the microscopic dust, allergens, pollutants and other particles that come into the passenger cabin of your vehicle through its air vents. In addition to making the air in the interior of your car unpleasant and unhealthy, a dirty cabin air filter, clogged with dirt, dust, smelly mold and allergens, can also impact the performance of your defroster, heating and AC. Prices vary by model and year of vehicle. In Cabin Micro Filter is recommended every 24 000km



Wheel alignment is preventive maintenance that's mistakenly overlooked by many owners. Wheel alignment not only prevents your vehicle from pulling to one side or the other, it also significantly improves the life of your tires, enhances braking performance and improves fuel economy. All these benefits lead to the most important result: improved safety. Recommended every 36 000km.

It is recommended that you get your brakes inspected at least once a year just to make sure they are working properly and that safety is not taking a back seat. However, the amount of wear and tear you are subjecting the brakes to, and the climate, play an important part if an inspection is needed more frequently. If your brakes show signs of malfunction, such as persistent brake warning light, vibration, grinding or squealing sound coming from the brakes or a low/hard resistance when you press on the brake pedal, then getting brakes checked becomes that more imperative...... Brake Inspection for only $39.95 + applicable taxes.



Exterior wash & dry, tire & rim cleanup & dressing, exterior & interior window cleaning, vacuum & interior window cleaning, wash & clean rubber mats, interior detail & shampoo, exterior wax.


Exterior wash & dry, tire & rim cleanup & dressing, exterior & interior window cleaning, vacuum & interior panel cleaning, wash & clean rubber mats.

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